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A group of Digital Professionals based in West London.

Imagine this as a square. Actually, not a pink one. More like a village square. Crowded with people walking, standing, sitting, drinking their coffees, having food (it can be pizza & gelato if you want to imagine the classic Italian seaside promenade).

Some of them are working on their laptops. Most are talking. They come here to gather and discuss all things Digital Marketing, sharing knowledge and experience.

Like this square, PinkSEO is a place to exchange information. To acquire and share experience and know-how.

Feel free to browse, download, copy (as long as you’re not duplicating or boiler plating it, otherwise it would damage your own site) and share whatever you find here.

You can print any article very easily, to put them together and create your own, free, personalized PinkSEO Digital Marketing Guide.

If you give us your feedback, that’s enough for us to be happy. Let us read your comments and let us learn something from your experience and point of view.

We will all grow together.

We Believe

In doing our best.

We Believe

Every request from any client matters.

We believe

In connection and empathy.

We Believe

No client strategy is the same.

We Believe

SEO is technical and creative.

We believe

Technical is beautiful, too.

We Believe

In free, accessible information.

We Believe

In empowering, coaching any client.

We believe

In continuous learning.

We Believe

In standing on the shoulders of giants.

We Believe

In collaborating, not competing.

We believe

In network and support.

We Believe

Changes are welcome.

We Believe

You can succeed.

We believe

In data over opinions.

We Believe

Differences enrich us all.

We Believe

There's a demand for any offer.

We believe

In getting out of the comfort zone.

We Believe

in audacious goals.

We Believe

In doing what we say.

We believe

In doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

Meet Our team

7 years Freelancing experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing and SEO. "Oh, my ears and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late I'm late!" [The White Rabbit]

Silvia Del Corso

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist
Programming, backend production, frontend production, full stack web development, concept development, site design & interface design.

Davide Longo

Head of Web
HTML & CSS, web master, customer care, tester & quality assurance.

Stefano Longo

Web Developer

Businesses we recommend

az.design helps businesses explore and refresh their brand identity. Offering expert consultancy advice, modern design and striking visuals, in order to enhance performance.


Margaret Guillen has established Business Coach & NLP Master Practitioner who helps service-based female entrepreneurs and small business owners to attract more clients and increase profit by using client-centered marketing, natural sales, and a winning mindset.

Margaret Guillen

Our Skills

Digital Marketing 80%
Yoast 100%
SEMRush 90%
Public Speaking 80%
SEO 100%
Google Analytics 99%
Google Search Console 99%
Wordpress 100%
digital marketing courses elearning
Special Feature

Modular Digital Marketing e-learning course

We value Training so much. We consider it extremely important.

Knowledge is power and one of our missions is to educate our customers, empowering them.

Working with us, you’ll be able to learn remotely the different sectors of Digital Marketing you need the most:

  • Search Engine Optimisation at any level (beginners, intermediate, advanced),
  • Content Optimisation,
  • Analytics and Measurement Tools,
  • SEO Tools and so much more,

Have a look at our Training Courses here.

What People Say

I’ve started working with Silvia this year on my SEO. I always work with personal recommendations and Silvia comes with glowing recommendations and I now I know why. She is attentive, responsive and very helpful, which are key qualities I look for in service providers. She has helped me navigate Google Analytics and started to improve the rankings of my key blog posts as well as offering to do more for me in terms of coding copy for my FAQs on my website, which was appreciated. Overall, I find Silvia warm and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Silvia for anyone who is looking to get assistance with their SEO.

I have been working with Silvia for almost six months, and she is a pleasure to work with. She has been incredibly supportive and proactive in suggesting a range of elements which raised my business profile and brand awareness. Often simple things that cost nothing, but help drive traffic to my website. She has a holistic approach to her support, and I have found her advice invaluable. She has given me tutorials in platforms such as YouTube, which were very important to ensuring that I maximised the possible traffic that they can generate. I receive monthly reports which track the progress of her work. I particularly appreciate that she explains technical concepts in layman’s terms. She is also the loveliest person, which is an essential quality I value in all the people I work with.

Working with Silvia on a mutual client project is very satisfying and a breath of fresh air. As a Growth Adviser, having a great  SEO expert to attract the right target audience to my client’s website is key. I really appreciated the keyword research as this gave us inspiration for new relevant content! Silvia’s PinkSEO.Marketing team is so knowledgeable in getting a full website audit done. They detail precisely what needs to be corrected to drive more qualified traffic leads, who will take action on your website. Thank you Silvia and your team! Will definitely partner with you again.

I recently attended an online webinar in which Silvia was speaking about SEO. Her teaching was focused upon the main criteria for ranking on Google and things we can all do singlehandedly to better that google search ranking for ourselves. She was not only highly knowledgable but also wonderfully insightful and approachable.

Attending Silvia’s webinar on SEO was a pleasure. Her knowledge is vast, and her sense of humour makes the subject easy to digest, which is no mean feat as SE can so fast become dry, technical, and overwhelming. She spoke for over an hour and we would have easily had kept her on for another one! The presentation was full of DIY suggestions, and what mattered to me is that she explained what these were going to help us achieve, a little bit about how, and – most importantly – why we may need them. She adjusted her content to the audience skillfully, making it easier for us to get a little better at SEO.

I highly recommend Silvia for SEO services. I’ve only been working with her for a few months & am greatly encouraged by the initial results I am seeing. I am the kind of person who asks lots of questions & wants to know the ‘why & how’ to everything – What I particularly love is the way Silvia explains things that makes the complex seem simple. I’m excited to see my rankings continue to rise as we work together

I am highly recommending Silvia and the Pink SEO Marketing, I have a pleasure to work with Silvia and not only her throughout knowledge but also a passion and attentiveness are just one in kind! She always instantly replies to any queries and provides the top service and solutions and also tonnes of easy to digest learning materials. Without her help, I would feel lost and thanks to Silvia all things SEO are not so scary anymore! Highly recommend!

Silvia ran a digital marketing training event today and was amazing at taking a non-tech person (myself) through some basics about SEO. Simple and understandable advice and direction. She knows her stuff! So for SEO focus I think a brilliant choice.

We found Silvia and her Team at PINK SEO great people to work with. They helped fix our website and improve our SEO. We would highly recommend them

I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Silvia to assist withs one complex SEO issues we were solving for a client. I’m so impressed with the results in just 3 months, we’ve been able to make some major progress in rankings. It’s amazing to worth with someone so dedicated and enthusiastic in this field. Absolutely recommend!!

Working with Silvia has been such a supportive process. Silvia is deeply knowledgeable about how to optimise your online presence so you get found by Google more easily, and in particular, I like the fact that she is so proactive in helping you manage the work and getting it done. I don’t need another list of what I “should” do – what business owner doesn’t have enough of those already. Instead, I feel like I have acquired a new member of my team, and that she works alongside me, generating ideas and content for me to review, tweak and sign off. That’s the sort of partnership that makes me happy to sing from the rooftops about her Pink SEO. Thank you Silvia.

Silvia’s generosity of spirit in sharing her knowledge base is always inspiring and contagious. Today I attended her Kick Start Your Business workshop in Ealing. Although I have a reasonable knowledge of SEO Silvia presented our action list in such a simple and directional way that I know exactly how to take action to achieve my goals. I have a to do list but it is easy to follow and doesn’t feel at all onerous. I know that these simple steps and guidelines will increase my visibility, target my ideal client better, resulting in a busy year to come. I can hihgly recommend Silvia’s services and skill as an SEO expert.

I had an hour-long online training course with PinkSEO and came away with a notebook of invaluable tips, plus a good working background in SEO tactics. This is a good course for anyone needing an overview of how search engine optimization works, and how you can build it into your own online company. I then received the Zoom recording via email so that I can always refer back to the meeting. I now feel I have a solid grounding of SEO knowledge that I can put to use with my own clients.

I’ve been working with Silvia six months and I already see results in visibility on my website and social media. Silvia is very knowledgable and extremely helpful. I highly recommend her services. You will not regret it.

Having worked with Silvia for more than a year now, I have always found her approach very friendly and flexible. Silvia’s SEO knowledge is very extensive which, of course, has been invaluable. But what’s been most valuable to me has been her willingness in getting me to understand the underlying SEO complexities.

I can highly recommend Silvia’s pro-active and friendly service. We have regular online meetings and after each on my traffic is boosted. Cannot fault her service or knowledge

I highly recommend Silvia she is professional and always there to answer any question I have. Very helpful and knowledgeable. She helps me with ideas to write my content , busting sales and drive traffic to my website. I truly appreciate her work and dedication. My website sales growing steadily.

We recently moved both our business websites to Silvia and her team at SEO Marketing and are very happy with the service and affordable costs. In addition, we embarked on a website SEO optimisation project and found Silvia’s approach and advice incredibly useful. I am looking forward to seeing the results of our project next quarter! Karen Heaton, Founder, Data Protection 4 Business

I attended a workshop where Silvia was speaking on SEO. I learnt a lot of new information, and not being up to speed on SEO, it was very useful. Silvia clearly knows her SEO and has in-depth knowledge which shines through. Interesting and informative.

I have worked with Silvia on a few clients’ projects and also received advice and guidance from Silvia with regards to my own websites, and I can highly recommend her! Silvia has a way of making SEO sound interesting and simple – she’s clearly very knowledgeable, and she has taught me and some of our mutual clients how to rank and how to get results. If you want to be found online, Silvia your go-to person!

Silvia provides SEO guidance, support and management for my website. Her support in this has grown my client base and improved my visibility on the internet amazingly. I can not recommend her services highly enough and certainly would not be without her SEO input.

Silvia is very much hands on and certainly knows what she is doing. I can see my website is doing better on google after about 6 months. She is constantly coming up with ideas to improve my position on google. Silvia also hosts my site and always available if I need her to fix anything or give me advice. I truly recommend her to anyone.

I have been working closely with Silvia for a while now, building brilliant SEO websites for clients. She has an in-depth knowledge on how to improve websites, so that they rank better on google and bring organic traffic to your site. My site alone has bought me new business since it’s been optimised by PinkSEO, as have several of my clients’ websites. Silvia is a kind, honest person who goes above and beyond what is required to assist her clients, making sure their sites rankings improve month-on-month. If your site isn’t optimised and bringing you new contacts each month, then you need to touch base with Silvia.

SEO is a highly complex field and I have tried several times to find an individual who can help me to gain an insight. Silvia really knows her field and is always on hand with useful hints and tips and great ideas. I would not hesitate in recommending Pink SEO to anyone looking to improve their search rankings.

I learnt a lot about SEO while I was working with Silvia – and these few months have definitely been beneficial for my business. She was always very kind and helpful – and answered all of my questions promptly. We started the SEO-work by optimising my website – both by fixing the technical problems and also by rewriting the content for the key sections of my site. We also created additional blog content after thorough keyword research to maintain the visibility of my website. Silvia was also providing useful tips and SEO-advice which I believe will be beneficial in the future. Thank you very much, Silvia!

I have the huge pleasure of having been recommended to Silvia and her team and I’m so glad I was! Silvia goes over and beyond the work agreed upon and is always so quick to respond to any questions or help I need. As well as having huge impact on my rankings she also does some great competitor / partnership analysis which is invaluable (and as a former journalist I love that I can find out this information!) Wonderful service and team – I highly recommend them.

It was so wonderful to work with Sylvia. She has huge patience (with a novice!) and great understanding of her subject.
She clearly loves what she does and has a great energy!
Above all, she gave me so much great advice and practical help and I look forward to working with her again.

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Silvia for all her help so far! I asked Silvia to perform a site audit on my blog, and she’s highlighted a few things that need to be worked on (in order of priority). Having created my website myself (with no technical knowledge) I’ve always tried to keep things simple and research the best solutions before making changes, but SEO is such a vast, complex field that you’re bound to make ‘mistakes’! With Silvia’s help, I’ve been able to fix a few things myself, but I’ll require more assistance, and I’m glad I’ve got an expert by my side to guide me through this – not all of it is as easy and straightforward as it may seem! And I’m super-grateful she’s been able to fix speed and optimisation issues that I had been struggling to address on my own since her talk in November! Looking forward to the next steps! 

mind your mamma

I only started working with Sylvia (from Pink SEO marketing) couples months ago and I already have fantastic results from my website. She helped me to find right keywords for my business and then she made sure my website has been SEO optimised. They have done a very thorough audit of my site and made other improvements such as my page speed was slow and now my website speed is fast, repaired broken links, and more… I am so pleased I met Sylvia. She is dedicated, client orientated, quick in response, professional and always helpful. I am very happy with her service and highly recommend her and her company.
She is a pleasure to work with!

Margaret Guillen Business Coach

I’m currently using Silvia’s services and I am very impressed. She’s very knowledgeable, passionate about SEO and about doing what’s best for her customers. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of SEO help. Keep up the good work Silvia


I have a pleasure to work with Silvia and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! Her deep and extensive knowledge of the field and the fast and easy communication are creating a smooth workflow and I have learned so much! Her calm manner, a clear focus and a plan make a big task (that I have been dreading to start) a very easy and doable process! I am so happy that I have come across Silvia and I am looking forward to our work together. Thank you!

HUSH Pictures logo

I am so glad a friend invited me for a SEO and Marketing session with Silvia. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all things SEO and is teaching us how to create a Google friendly website from scratch. I can’t wait to learn more about SEO and Social Media with her. Thank you Silvia

Camila Rossi Design Studio

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