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Developers, Digital Marketers, tech-kids and lazy cats.
Creativity and technical know-how, data and imagination.

Almost two decades of combined experience in all things digital
and any kind of client ( really – any kind!) and business need.


I’m currently using Silvia’s services and I am very impressed. She’s very knowledgeable, passionate about SEO and about doing what’s best for her customers. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of SEO help. Keep up the good work Silvia


I have a pleasure to work with Silvia and I couldn’t recommend her more highly! Her deep and extensive knowledge of the field and the fast and easy communication are creating a smooth workflow and I have learned so much! Her calm manner, a clear focus and a plan make a big task (that I have been dreading to start) a very easy and doable process! I am so happy that I have come across Silvia and I am looking forward to our work together. Thank you!

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I am so glad a friend invited me for a SEO and Marketing session with Silvia. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all things SEO and is teaching us how to create a Google friendly website from scratch. I can’t wait to learn more about SEO and Social Media with her. Thank you Silvia

Camila Rossi Design Studio

I have been delighted to work with Silvia over the last year as she has developed PINK SEO. We have worked on a number of long-term projects, and with all Silvia’s advice and help, alongside lots of unique copy – we have achieved excellent SEO results. We now get lots of traffic from exactly our target audience. Thoughtful, with exceptional attention to detail – and great fun to work with! Highly recommended !!

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I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to Silvia for all her help so far! I asked Silvia to perform a site audit on my blog, and she’s highlighted a few things that need to be worked on (in order of priority). Having created my website myself (with no technical knowledge) I’ve always tried to keep things simple and research the best solutions before making changes, but SEO is such a vast, complex field that you’re bound to make ‘mistakes’! With Silvia’s help, I’ve been able to fix a few things myself, but I’ll require more assistance, and I’m glad I’ve got an expert by my side to guide me through this – not all of it is as easy and straightforward as it may seem! And I’m super-grateful she’s been able to fix speed and optimisation issues that I had been struggling to address on my own since her talk in November! Looking forward to the next steps! 

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I only started working with Sylvia (from Pink SEO marketing) couples months ago and I already have fantastic results from my website. She helped me to find right keywords for my business and then she made sure my website has been SEO optimised. They have done a very thorough audit of my site and made other improvements such as my page speed was slow and now my website speed is fast, repaired broken links, and more… I am so pleased I met Sylvia. She is dedicated, client orientated, quick in response, professional and always helpful. I am very happy with her service and highly recommend her and her company.
She is a pleasure to work with!

Margaret Guillen Business Coach

“Silvia Del Corso is a very reliable Professional and she has always been prompt in assisting me in any need of support regarding the Digital Marketing of my website. I’m very satisfied with my experience with her and I recommend her to other Companies, as well”.

I’ve been working with Silvia Del Corso for many years, she is a very prepared and quick problem-solver. Working with her is easy, she is always kind and helpful, she can always find alternative solutions or propose new ways.
She has helped me greatly growing my business thanks to her seriousness and professionalism. Grazie mille!

“Professionalism, reliability and expertise, working with PinkSEO is all this”.

It was so wonderful to work with Sylvia. She has huge patience (with a novice!) and great understanding of her subject.
She clearly loves what she does and has a great energy!
Above all, she gave me so much great advice and practical help and I look forward to working with her again.

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