Have you ever heard that “The money is in the list”? it’s true: emails are one of the most valuable assets of most Companies and Email Marketing is one of the most valuable strategies.

According to ExactTarget research, 91% of people spend quality time with their inboxes every day. (tweet this).

That means that email is probably the one channel that all your customers and fans will be on, which is pretty amazing! And that’s where Email Marketing comes in.

Email Marketing connects you directly with your customers. People’s inboxes are often their “To Do” lists – and your email can be part of that list. This is why a lot of businesses use it as one of their first marketing channels.

We often hear Companies struggling with their Email Marketing because:

  • The open-rates of their Email Marketing campaigns are going down,
  • their click-through rates are falling,
  • their revenue or other critical metrics just aren’t where they want them to be,
  • but they are not sure why.

Now… Imagine if you knew exactly what you need to do to turn that around.

Imagine, as if by magic, you had all the right people at hand to help you rework your email program: anything to drive revenue gains, month after month.

This is what we do. We’ve been doing this for almost a decade, working with every single thing you need to set up a well oiled-email Email marketing program.

This is why we can assess any email marketing program, including yours, and help you make it substantially better.

This will finally allow you to sit back, relax and watch your email list and your email marketing program grow substantially further than you ever thought possible.

So, tell us what you’d like to achieve. Let’s talk about your challenges and what we might do to help. We’d love to have you be part of our community.