Having worked in Digital Marketing for nearly a decade in Italy, before moving to the UK, we have developed a strong knowledge of International Digital Marketing, that particularly Companies interested in opening up their Business to the Italian Market and to the rest of Europe find useful.

Travelling and experiencing working and living abroad has let us develop a business knowledge of the various requirements and preferences of the different Countries of Europe, about which always keep ourselves updated, also thanks to the knowledge of the Spanish, German, Italian and English language.

Entrepreneurs and expats from the UK to Italy, or the rest of Europe, and vice-versa are welcome to contact us for any kind of assistance. Having experienced most of those issues ourselves, we know how vital it is to support each other as much as possible.

Actually, expanding internationally is the easiest way to get more search traffic and through Internationalisation you can get to double up your search traffic.

You may realise that for your product or service there is very little (or no) competition overseas. In this case, we can provide you with assistance in every phase, from assessing the international SEO potential to targeting our international audience and the development of an internationally targeted site. Here are the main

Steps to International Digital Marketing:

    • From Google Analytics, under Audience > Overview > Demographics > Country, we will identify the volume and trend of the used keywords and pages of the visits and conversions per Country and language.
    • We will then identify the local search volume for the relevant keywords in each country and language with the keyword tools of the most used search engines of that country.
    • We will help you translate your entire content into the language that you are going after.
    • With International Digital Marketing, we will help you understand your international audience behaviour and characteristics. Their linguistic and cultural profile, demographics, seasonality, using experience, studies and specific tools.
    • We will also identify and analyse your international industry and competitors, your industry competition level and your competitors’ behaviour and characteristics in each of your international markets.
    • After we translate and optimise your content, we will produce International SEO, that is the process of optimizing your website so that search engines can easily identify which countries you want to target and which languages you use for business.
    • We will make your international web structure findable and easy to navigate, by using meta content language, hreflang attributes on your site for Google and Yandex, and language meta tags for Bing, so that the Search Engines will know which version of your site will be ranked on their Results Pages for those languages.

  • We will continue the International Digital Marketing activity by identifying and connecting with your international community, building popularity and trust.
  • We will help you measure your International SEO process, tracking each of your international web versions independently and tracking with them your keywords for international search results.

If you’re looking to learn more about International Digital Marketing and SEO, ask us anything about it!