You need help with Internet Marketing, but you don’t have a big budget.

Hiring a full-time person isn’t possible: you’re a startup or a Small Business and the last thing you want to do is burning money.

Instead, you can outsource to freelancers your Internet Marketing, content marketing and sales emails to convert visitors into buyers or users.

No small business owner can overlook the existence of search queries with obvious search intent, which often have high volume and an interesting competition rate (tweet this!): 7 out of 10 people searching for those will then make a transaction. In these case, even as a small site, you can compete with big sites for Digital marketing and for SEO.

Contact us: we will help you verify if your site is already ranking for those very specific keywords and if your competitors are.

Big sites have big advantages like:

  • Domain Authority;
  • The quantity and diversity of the links that are coming to them, which bias engines to generally rank their content higher than they ordinarily might do for a small site they don’t recognise
  • They have Trustworthiness;
  • Financial resources;
  • Ability to invest if and when something is a major priority

The advantages of providing Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses are, instead:

  • Lightness;
  • You can be much more creative;
  • Focus on some keywords that Big Brands are unwilling or unable to target (like some long-tail keywords, comparison keywords, editorial keywords)
  • Niche appeal;
  • Authenticity;
  • Pursue indirect and harder-to-monetise content;
  • Go deeper and provide more value to your content;
  • Build relationships that big competitors would never be interested in

We’ve been providing Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses various times over the years. Most of them were nowhere in Google, not showing up at all.

Our Internet Marketing Services for Small Businesses involve, first of all,

  1. verifying their local Business;
  2. building them some links from the press and from getting them included in local listings services;
  3. checking and fixing eventual problems that don’t let their sites rank as good as they could in SERPs;
  4. doing some keyword research and targeting.

Generally, within six months they all see in Google Analytics the growth in traffic and the search becomes one of their most important sources of new customers, behind the referring customers.

This process is not mysterious at all and you could maybe do it yourself, but it is challenging, there is a lot of work to do, you have to know the ins and outs of it and someone actually has to go and do these things.

We believe in a continuous communication with our customers, clients, team, boss, managers. We always listen to your objections with the greatest interest and empathy because we are Small Business and Freelancers ourselves and we can easily understand your reasons and feelings.

And we are good at helping you, so that

You can have a Small Business, but a great Small Business. (tweet this!)