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Site Audit Report

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The Site Audit Report allows discovering any eventual on-site issue, to then be able to fix and boost the search engine optimisation.

Indeed, the reasons why a website may not be ranking well on Google could depend on different factors:

  • issues on the code,
  • in the content,
  • or not having enough links.

and you cannot spot, just by looking at a page, what might be holding it back from ranking well on Google.

You know, Google crawler bots don’t see the page as we do, with its fancy design.

They see the code and the words – and often there are issues and errors that you can’t see, but they damage the ranking of your site.

  • Technical aspects like
    • redirection chains and loops,
    • broken links,
    • uncompressed and uncached assets,
    • crawlability issues,
    • pages loading too slowly,
  • but also issues in the content of the pages, like
    • duplicate content that is indexed and you do not know about,
    • pages with the wrong meta tags settings etc

Many things need to be checked in order to understand how’s your website’s health.

But Google’s mission is to serve the best possible websites to their users, so we need to identify and eliminate each of these issues!

So, a Site Audit Report is basically a way to assess your website’s health, and specifically:

  • Its internal and external links;
  • Tags, to discover eventual missing ones;
  • Titles, meta descriptions, and other HTML tags to be unique and meaningful for users and search engines (to read more about the purpose of this check, here’s our explanatory article “SEO Basics Checklist part 1: Title Tag & Meta Descriptions“);
  • Images, in order to detect any eventually broken ones or missing a correct alt attribute;
  • Kind of error responses;
  • Duplicate, missing and thin content;
  • Keywords Usage;
  • Robots.txt Test
  • Sitemap Test
  • The Site Audit Report provides also insights of all the criteria which determine your web pages loading speed (read more about this: “How important is really speed for SEO“),
  • server and security (including HTTPS checks, which may discover any problems arisen from moving your domain to HTTPS)
  • and mobile usability information.

Any eventual error or issue will be provided with suggestions in order to prioritise actions and decide what to fix first.

After producing and issuing the Site Audit Report, our developers can quote the execution of all or any of the required actions, in case the client’s own programmers wouldn’t be able to perform them (partially or entirely).

The results of any Site Audit Report will be provided to the client’s submitted e-mail address within 7 working days after the service has been purchased.

After performing the first assessment, the client can request the special discount code, which will allow them to receive further audits, each with a 20% discount, to get later reports updated with the freshest results.

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3 reviews for Site Audit Report

  1. Brilliant, professional supportive and excellent service. Anybody who has a website should have one. I found the website review very enlightening because flagged up few problems I did’ know I had. Quite a few issues, but Silvia sorted they very quickly and I could see difference in Google analytics and number of visitors to my website increased 🙂

    • It is always rewarding to be able to check improvements, once we’ve fixed the little flaws which prevented a website from being crawled and ranked as good as it could from Google. Thank you, Margaret!

  2. From my personalised report, it was easy to ascertain where improvements need to be made as the report highlights everything in detail explaining potential issues (ones which I didn’t know I even had) with my blog and length explanations of how to improve on them! You don’t have to be expert to understand the report either! I recommend this for anyone who has a website/blog they want to grow.


  3. I was so impressed by the level of detail in the report as well as the speed and efficiency with which it was produced. Silvia was brilliant at explaining all the issues and how to resolve them. She clearly loves what she does and is a pleasure to work with. She will definitely be my go-to person for all things SEO in the future. Thank you Silvia!

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