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A group of Digital Professionals based in West London.

Imagine this as a square. Actually, not a pink one. More like a village square. Crowded with people walking, standing, sitting, drinking their coffees, having food (it can be pizza & gelato if you want to imagine the classic Italian seaside promenade).

Some of them are working on their laptops. Most are talking. They come here to gather and discuss all things Digital Marketing, sharing knowledge and experience.

Like this square, PinkSEO is a place to exchange information. To acquire and share experience and know-how.

Feel free to browse, download, copy (as long as you’re not duplicating or boiler plating it, otherwise it would damage your own site) and share whatever you find here.

You can print any article very easily, to put them together and create your own, free, personalized PinkSEO Digital Marketing Guide.

If you give us your feedback, that’s enough for us to be happy. Let us read your comments and let us learn something from your experience and point of view.

We will all grow together.

We Believe

In doing our best.

We Believe

Every request from any client matters.

We believe

In connection and empathy.

We Believe

No client strategy is the same.

We Believe

SEO is technical and creative.

We believe

Technical is beautiful, too.

We Believe

In free, accessible information.

We Believe

In empowering, coaching any client.

We believe

In continuous learning.

We Believe

In standing on the shoulders of giants.

We Believe

In collaborating, not competing.

We believe

In network and support.

We Believe

Changes are welcome.

We Believe

You can succeed.

We believe

In data over opinions.

We Believe

Differences enrich us all.

We Believe

There's a demand for any offer.

We believe

In getting out of the comfort zone.

We Believe

in audacious goals.

We Believe

In doing what we say.

We believe

In doing the right thing, not the easy thing.

Meet Our team

7 years Freelancing experience in all aspects of Digital Marketing and SEO. "Oh, my ears and whiskers! I'm late, I'm late I'm late!" [The White Rabbit]

Silvia Del Corso

Digital Marketing & SEO Specialist
Programming, backend production, frontend production, full stack web development, concept development, site design & interface design.

Davide Longo

Head of Web
HTML & CSS, web master, customer care, tester & quality assurance.

Stefano Longo

Web Developer

Businesses we recommend

az.design helps businesses explore and refresh their brand identity. Offering expert consultancy advice, modern design and striking visuals, in order to enhance performance.


Margaret Guillen has established Business Coach & NLP Master Practitioner who helps service-based female entrepreneurs and small business owners to attract more clients and increase profit by using client-centered marketing, natural sales, and a winning mindset.

Margaret Guillen

Our Skills

Digital Marketing 80%
Yoast 100%
SEMRush 90%
Public Speaking 80%
SEO 100%
Google Analytics 99%
Google Search Console 99%
Wordpress 100%
digital marketing courses elearning
Special Feature

Modular Digital Marketing e-learning course

We value Training so much. We consider it extremely important.

Knowledge is power and one of our missions is to educate our customers, empowering them.

Working with us, you’ll be able to learn remotely the different sectors of Digital Marketing you need the most:

  • Search Engine Optimisation at any level (beginners, intermediate, advanced),
  • Content Optimisation,
  • Analytics and Measurement Tools,
  • SEO Tools and so much more,

Have a look at our Training Courses here.

What People Say

“Silvia Del Corso is a very reliable Professional and she has always been prompt in assisting me in any need of support regarding the Digital Marketing of my website. I’m very satisfied with my experience with her and I recommend her to other Companies, as well”.

“Professionalism, reliability and expertise, working with PinkSEO is all this”.

I’ve been working with Silvia Del Corso for many years, she is a very prepared and quick problem-solver. Working with her is easy, she is always kind and helpful, she can always find alternative solutions or propose new ways.
She has helped me greatly growing my business thanks to her seriousness and professionalism. Grazie mille!

I have been delighted to work with Silvia over the last year as she has developed PINK SEO. We have worked on a number of long-term projects, and with all Silvia’s advice and help, alongside lots of unique copy – we have achieved excellent SEO results. We now get lots of traffic from exactly our target audience. Thoughtful, with exceptional attention to detail – and great fun to work with! Highly recommended !!

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